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National Association of Independent Home Builders and Remodelers

NAIHBR is a not-for-profit trade association founded in 2016 to assist Builders and Remodelers grow their business by providing assistance with marketing, client development and funding programs. We work to match service providers with transaction opportunities through our network of builders, lenders, services providers, suppliers, and Realtors.

NAIHBR consists of members who have strong interest in building value in their local communities. Building and renovation work improves our local housing infrastructure, creating value in our communities and jobs. Research shows for every new home constructed creates more than 3 full time jobs locally. Additionally, construction creates engineering, legal, architectural work and commerce from materials needed to complete building jobs.  We all know building efforts in the real estate sector provides a powerful economic catalyst.

Our Mission

What We Do

Building Awareness

The Builder and Renovation Market is fragmented with many smaller players serving regional markets. The ecosystem includes realtors, builders, lenders and consumers.

NAIHBR focuses on creating value for smaller players in the building and renovation market. Smaller companies often lack the resources of their larger competitors and NAIHBR helps level the playing field. We help Builders and Remodelers grow their business through marketing support, client development and funding programs provided by our financial services members. NAIHBR works to match our members with local opportunities.

NAIHBR understands the value of the Realtor in our local communities. By educating Realtors on the construction and remodeling process and providing a framework to financially benefit, NAIHBR acts as a bridge for the building and remodeling community to effectively work with real estate professionals. Realtors represent the vast majority of consumers interested in purchasing or building a new home. NAIHBR understands Realtor relationships are critical to building awareness and helping facilitate more transactions.

Special Programs

NAIHBR works to find specialty marketing and financial programs that drive consumer demand and aid in facilitating transactions. Along with marketing assistance, we have worked with our partners to find and create programs that make new construction and renovation more affordable for consumers through financing options and partner discounts. Additionally on new construction, NAIHBR works with financial partners willing to pay our real estate members on opportunities at close, the same as an existing home sales. Join today or contact NAIHBR for more details.

NAIHBR National Association of Independent Home Owners and Remodelers

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