NAIHBR provides our select real estate partners with programs that generate more closings.

NAIHBR's exclusive Agent Assistance Program gives agents powerful tools to help close real estate transactions. Whether you represent buyers or sellers, NAIHBR service and finance programs can provide you with an edge and help your client get exactly what they want in a manner they can afford.

NAIHBR Agent Assistance Program

Real estate agents represent the majority of buying opportunities for both new construction and renovation. By bringing the Building and Remodeling communities and Real Estate Agents together with programs that facilitate a win/win scenario (i.e., more business for builders and contractors and higher commissions and more sales opportunities for real estate agents) more homes get built and sold.

The NAIHBR Agent Assistance Program provides our Real Estate members with...

Marketing Help

NAIHBR provides unique marketing programs and financial options to facilitate more transactions.

Increased Income Potential

Building and remodeling work provides increased commissions and additional income on the agent’s current listing inventory.

More Opportunties

NAIHBR programs generates additional listings and buyer leads.

Request a New Construction Model for Your Listing

To request a proposed new construction model to match your lot or teardown listing, please click below and fill out the request details.

Register a Buyer for New Construction Opportunities

Let NAIHBR help you and your client identify the perfect model and builder for your needs while ensuring your earned commissions get paid.

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For more information about how NAIHBR can help you as a real estate professional. Please contact member services or apply for membership today.